Sustainable Wealth Creation - Aitken Spence

Sustainable Wealth Creation

Investments that were strategically thought out and passionately executed has not only propelled Aitken Spence to greater heights, but has also enabled us to withstand the fluctuations of fortunes of the Sri Lankan and global economies. Our total assets today stand at LKR 197 billion.

With multiple and diverse relationships built on trust, mutual respect and understanding over time,

At Aitken Spence, our sustainable wealth comes in many forms of long-term investments. The highest amount of the wealth generated by the Group is distributed annually amongst our employees. We also align our business practices with stakeholder needs and expectations. Our objective is to maximize shareholder wealth and maintain a consistent stream of dividends while retaining sufficient capital for planned business expansion and investments. We have been successful in executing this strategy across the years.

The culmination of our sustainable wealth however, reflects in our intellectual capital; the value of our brand ‘Aitken Spence’, our reputation and know how in the industries we represent, as well as implementing strategy effectively and efficiently to create value for all our stakeholders is due to the driving force and value add of intellectual capital that makes Aitken Spence one of the most progressive, innovative and influential business enterprises contributing to the Sri Lankan economy.