Corporate Governance - Aitken Spence

Corporate Governance

As one of the country’s oldest and most respected corporate groups, Aitken Spence PLC inherits strong governance frameworks, structures and processes and a culture of professionalism and fair play. This has underpinned our growth to become one of the leading blue-chip conglomerates with a global footprint.

The highest governing authority in the Group, the Board holds ultimate responsibility for corporate governance. Approving the strategic directions of Aitken Spence, this body governs the Group by a charter that sets out the framework of accountability, responsibility and duty to the Company and all its stakeholders, driving a culture of continuous improvement and sustainability.

Board of Directors

The Board bears responsibility for the Group’s performance, and is accountable to the shareholders who appoint them. Their vision provides policy direction while diligent oversight facilitates delivery of strategic goals.

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Board Committees

The Board Committees assist the Board in the formulation of integrated strategies within a comprehensive governance framework, and oversees the execution of policies at an operational level across the Group.

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Articles of Association

An overall snapshot of the Aitken Spence PLC purpose as a company and the regulations followed across our operations are outlined in our Articles of Association.


Corporate Governance Report

Our reporting is aligned to the focus areas of the Code of Best Practice on Corporate Governance issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants, among other mandatory and voluntary frameworks.

Integrated Reporting & Financials

The Board goes beyond regulatory requirements to provide stakeholders with a balanced and comprehensive account of the financial position, performance and prospects of the Group consistently.

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