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  Environmental commitment, protecting employees’ health and safety and improving community welfare are ingrained in our corporate ethos.
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Stakeholder Engagement

The ability to engage with its stakeholders in healthy, mutually beneficial, lasting relationships forms the bedrock of a sustainable organisation. The multiple and diverse relationships built by Aitken Spence across industries and society have been formed on trust, mutual respect and understanding and developed over time. There are many channels in place, as illustrated in the diagram, to facilitate engagement with these stakeholders so that the Company and the Stakeholder both receive continuous feedback. At Aitken Spence, the feedback thus received is analysed based on the relevance and priority of each stakeholder group and enables us to make an internal judgment about business priorities.

Key sustainability issues and concerns addressed through stakeholder engagement include return on investment, profit and growth for investors, business partners and shareholders; career progression, benefits, remuneration, working facilities and personal development for employees; product and service quality, cost, reliability for customers; economic, social and environmental impact including local purchasing and employment for communities.

Stakeholder engagement