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  Environmental commitment, protecting employees’ health and safety and improving community welfare are ingrained in our corporate ethos.
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We firmly believe that protection of the environment is a key factor in corporate sustainability. It is for this reason that environmental consciousness plays an integral role in our sustainable development process.

Guided by global environmental standards, industry best practices, management objectives and priorities, Aitken Spence strives to reduce the adverse impacts on the environment from all organisational operations and activities to the best of our ability and influence positive behaviour within our sphere of influence as well. The Group's Sustainability Team leads initiatives to manage our environmental footprint. All Aitken Spence Group companies have established environmental management system.

Employees and other stakeholders alike are encouraged to take a precautionary approach to protect the environment and new methods are explored to identify the most sustainable modes of operation.

Management Discussion & Analysis

The Biomass Gasifier at Heritance Kandalama was officially opened in 2009.

Maintaining the bio diversity of our natural environment is a priority for all our subsidiaries

Heritance Tea Factory maintains a Gotukola cultivation project to prevent soil erosion and growth of weeds.

Heritance Kandalama commemorated World Environment Day with a tree planting campaign

The 7R concept encourages all items to be reused and re-reused before it is recycled. Here, glass bottles are re-reused at a hotel for hedging.

Sharing of information with community members is an essential part of the environmental conservation projects in the Group

Aitken Spence Power plants in Horana, Matara and Embilipitiya have Environmental Management Systems that are aligned with the ISO 14001 standard.

The Aitken Spence building is equipped with a Building Management Systems to facilitate energy and water efficiency

Energy efficiency improvements are carried out at all three power plants consistently to mitigate adverse effects on the environment and to increase productivity

Educating and creating awareness all employees is a key strategy to ensure the sustainability of our programmes

We have initiated regular inspections of our operational sites and work places to identify impacts and to take necessary steps to mitigate them