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Dilani Katipearachchi

Aitken Spence Corporate

After passing my CIMA exams at the age of 22 and whilst working as an accountant in the manufacturing industry, I realized that I wanted something more for my career than a pure accounting job.  It was at this time I applied to an advertisement for corporate trainees at Aitken Spence. I hardly knew anything about the company other than the fact it had diverse business interests.   I felt it would be a good opportunity to experience the diversity of business in a conglomerate. 

True to my expectations,  I  was exposed to the various segments of the business and had-on-the job training in three different sectors of the Group.  After the initial exposure, I selected finance which was my forte. After this came the tough decision to select a field within finance.  As part of a group, I was given three different options in three different companies to join the respective finance team.  I took the challenge and opted to specialize in tax,  joining the holding company.

There was no turning back from that point onwards.  With very little knowledge of Sri Lankan tax laws, it was definitely a challenge.  All the knowledge I gained and possess today is from the support and training given by my superiors and the Corporate Finance Division.  Not only did the organisation give me the necessary on-the-job training, they gave me the support and the time off to complete my degree.  This showed the importance that the organisation attached to nurturing and developing the career potential of an individual.  With the Group making large scale investments locally and regionally, I have obtained exposure and knowledge which I am sure very few companies could have offered.

What I most appreciate about this company is the support and the encouragement that I received right throughout my personal  life and career at Aitken Spence.